Belief & Practice

Jamiatul Ummah is geared toward helping students to achieve their academic goals while imparting a sense of community and religious values to our students. We watch each student closely to monitor their academic and personal growth, offering one to one consulting in order to implement a plan of action that is specific to each individual. This allow our pupils to work to their greatest strengths and grow in harmony.


As a Muslim secondary school, we infuse our teaching with an Islamic ethos. The school offers all the core curriculum subjects offered in state comprehensive schools but additionally traditional Islamic subjects such as Hifz, Quranic Studies, Aqeedah, Sunnah, Seerah, Hadith and Fiqh. These Vital subjects are taught with sense of preserving the Islamic creed in our community, grounded in belief.

The curriculum is rich in Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural content, through which we foster British values harmoniously alongside our Islamic Creed.

New Applications

We are a small school, and our intake is approximately 33 pupils per year into our Year 7 cohort. Our applications Deadline for September 2017 entry is 30th November 2016. Please don't delay in making an application as competition for places is strong. If you think your son would be a good fit, please visit our admissions pages.

Latest News

We would love for you to stay in touch and updated on all the latest conferences, academic outings, exchange programmes, sporting events and much more. Please contact us for more information and visit our News page to see exactly what you interested in.

Welcome to Jamiatul Ummah Boys' Secondary School

Jamiatul Ummah means “communities”. Our school character practises his by creating a space where togetherness, community and a united group of strong, upstanding and committed young men are able to combine and learn. As a scholarly body we provide compulsory secondary education to boys between the ages of 11 and 16. Our education system is in alignment with Islamic values, with emphasis placed on equipping the boys and young men in our care with everything they will need to succeed in life beyond our walls.

About Us

Jamiatul Ummah School is a pioneering Muslim boys secondary school, opened in 1997. Our school motto is to achieve academic excellence embedded in strong Islamic tradition. We remain informative, committed to academic excellence and producing the greatest forward thinkers of tomorrow.

Photo Gallery

Our Photo Gallery showcases the strengths of our school: our students. View some of the extracurricular activities we offer, as well as special events, and even snapshots of the day to day life at the school

Heritage & Vision

Jamiatul Ummah is a multicultural academic institution - a boys' secondary school which provides a high quality programme of education.
We are an institution which promotes tolerance, inclusion and equality, and a school that most often achieves highly when bench marked against other schools in England.

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We offer schooling for boys aged 11 to 16. Our school is perfect for parents who want their children to be in an environment where they can excel greatly academically, participate in sports and other cultural activities as well as become strong men and leaders under Islamic beliefs.