Jamiatul Ummah School was inspected on 24 November 2016 by Ofsted as part of a Third Monitoring inspection. We are very pleased to announce that the school now meets all independent School Standards.

The inspection report highlighted the areas of improvements and notes that "Leaders are more secure about the requirements of the Independent School Standards. They have introduced effective systems to monitor and evaluate risks. They now ensure that the independent school standards are met, and pupils are safe and secure in the school."

The school would like to thank the staff, students, parents and the Proprietor, Da'watul Islam for their continued support and hard work in ensuring that standards are now high across all areas of Jamiatul Ummah School.


Download a copy of the inspection report here. Inspection Report January 2017.


Download recent press release from Proprietors.


Jamiatul Ummah GCSE Results 2016


Jamiatul Ummah School has achieved 100% in GCSE's 2016 A*- C including English and Mathematics.

Raihan Karim who achieved 10A*/A's, would like to thank his parents, teachers and fellow students for his outstanding achievement and progress at Jamiatul Ummah. He intends to study Mathematics, Economics, History and Government & Politics for his A Levels to pursue a career in Politics, Philosophy and Economics.

Jamiatul Ummah was ranked the 42nd Best school in England by the Telegraph published in January 2016.

The Principal, Mr Nojarul Islam commented, "Pupils have shown tremendous aspiration, determination and a concerted drive to succeed in school life. Jamiatul Ummah is both humbled and proud to be a platform for the success of continuing generation of British Muslims. On behalf of the staff here, I wish the students every success for the future. I'd like to congratulate and thank every student for his efforts in achieving excellent results that would any and every school proud". He thanked the parents, staff, governors, trustees and the local community for their relentless sense of purpose and co-operation.

"Everyone involved with the school have been amazingly resilient in the face of unprecedented pressures placed on our faith school in recent years".

Sheikh Abu Sayeed, the Chairman of Jamiatul Ummah Board of Trustees, was most impressed with the results and said, 'Dawatul Islam strives towards excellence on Education and Jamiatul Ummah is the best example of that'. He wishes continuous success for Jamiatul Ummah in the future.

The Chairman of the Governing Body, Mr Shabbir Kawsar, also congratulated students and praised staff for the hard work and loyalty to the organisation. He also expressed gratitude to parents and community for their trust and ongoing support for the school.


The pupils achieved the following results in each GCSE subject:

Mathematics             100%

English Language      95%

English Literature      100%

Science                     100%

Additional Science     100%

F. Additional Science  100%

Arabic                       86%

History                      73%

Religious Studies       100%

Statistics                  100%

ICT                            95%

Urdu                         100%

Bengali                     100%

25th August 2016


Jamiatul Ummah Comments on Media Enquiry

Jamiatul Ummah is committed to offer a broad and balanced curriculum within the Islamic ethos. Our students have never been taught or exposed to ideas which would encourage them to disregard the laws of England and Wales.

Our position in respect to extremism is very clear; we condemn all forms of extremism unequivocally and this is recognised by Ofsted.

‘The policy is very clear about the school’s commitment to provide a curriculum that will produce good role models in society; the essential knowledge that students need to be educated citizens in democratic Britain; and promote an awareness of and respect for a diversity of cultures, values, beliefs and abilities’.

Furthermore, Ofsted notes in its report of November 2014:

‘Inspectors found no evidence to support the promotion of extremist views or radicalisation of students or staff. To the contrary, the students and staff present well-informed and positive views about the role of British Muslims and their responsibilities within the local community’.