School Fees

Admission Fees

The School Admission fee of £150.00 (Includes entry test fee of £30) is a one off payment to cover the administrative cost for the admission test, interview and other administrative procedures.

The admission fee and the 25% of the annual tuition fee must be paid upon offer of a place, otherwise no place can be reserved or confirmed.

The admission fees and 25% of the annual tuition fees are non-refundable

Tuition Fees

The School Tuition Fees for 2016-2017 intake are £3,600 per academic year. This excludes Exam fees, uniforms, textbooks, lunch, and school trips fee.

Payment Dates:

Parents have 3 Options for the payment of Fees and are required to pay the Fees as set out below.

Option 1: full fees in advance

Academic Period: Full Academic Year (September – July)

Amount Due: £3,600

Due Date: 1st July via Cheque/Bank Transfer

Option 2: A term’s fee in advance followed by two termly payments

Parents will pay one term’s fees in advance by 1st July, followed by two instalments.

1st Term (September - December)

Amount Due: £1,200 on 1st July via Cheque / Standing Order

2nd Term (January – March)

Amount Due: £1,200 on 1st November via Cheque / Standing Order

3rd Term (April – July)

Amount Due: £1,200 on 1st February via Cheque / Standing Order

Option 3: 10 Monthly installments – standing order mandate only

Payment will be due on the 1st of each calendar month from July – April.

Installment 1: £360 on 1st July via Standing Order

Installment 2: £360 on 1st August via Standing Order

Installment 3: £360 on 1st September via Standing Order

Installment 4: £360 on 1st October via Standing Order

Installment 5: £360 on 1st November via Standing Order

Installment 6: £360 on 1st December via Standing Order

Installment 7: £360 on 1st January via Standing Order

Installment 8: £360 on 1st February via Standing Order

Installment 9: £360 on 1st March via Standing Order

Installment 10: £360 on 1st April via Standing Order

Tuition Fee Payment Methods

Jamiatul Ummah does NOT accept cash payments. The school will only accept the following methods of payment:

*Cheque: A cheque is acceptable if parents choose Option 1 or Option 2.
**Standing Order: This is the preferred method of payment. Parents must set up a Standing Order Mandate and provide a copy of the Mandate to the school Office (the original must be given to the bank).
**Bank Transfer: This payment method is only applicable for Option 1.
*Cheques are to be made payable to ‘Jamiatul Ummah’
**For Standing order & Bank transfer please use your child’s name as payment ref. e.g.
Abdul Hameed Y7

Sibling Discounts

Parents sending more than one child to the school will be entitled to a sibling discount. Parent must write to the head teacher

If they wish to receive a sibling discount before the academic year begins, otherwise full tuition fees will be charged to siblings.

  • 1st Student Full fees charged
  • 2nd Student 25% discount
  • 3rd Student and more 12.5% discount

Please click here to view Jamiatul Ummah Fee policy/agreement for 2016-17