May-June Summer Examintions 2017

Date Unit Subject Length Time
Monday 15th May 5RS04 Edexcel Rel Studies Unit 4 1h 30min 9:00am
Tuesday 16th May 5BI1H Edexcel Science Biology Unit 1 1h 2:00pm
Wednesday 17th May 45201 AQA ICT unit 1 1h 30min 9:00am
Thursday 18th May 5CH1H Edexcel Science Chemistry Unit 1 1h 9:00am
Thursday 18th May 5UR01 Edexcel Urdu Listening Unit 1 35min 2:00pm
Thursday 18th May 5UR03 Edexcel Urdu Reading Unit 3 50min 2:35pm
Monday 22nd May 1ET0/01 Edexel English Literature Unit 1 1h 45min 9:00am
Wednesday 24th May 5PH1H Edexcel Science Physics Unit 1 1h 2:00pm
Thursday 25th May 1MA1/1H Edexcel Mathematics (9-1) 1h 30min 9:00am
Friday 26th May 1ET0/02 Edexcel English Literature Unit 2 2h 15min 9:00am
Monday 5th June KHI0 01 Edexcel History 1 1h 30min 9:00am
Monday 5th June 46351H AQA Bengali Listening Unit 1 45min 2:00pm
Tuesday 6th June 1EN0/01 Edexcel English Language Unit 1 1h 45min 9:00am
Wednesday 7th June 5RS11 Edexcel Rel Studies Unit 11 1h 30min 2:00pm
Thursday 8th June 1MA1/2H Edexcel Mathematics (9-1) 1h 30min 9:00am
Thursday 8th June 46352H AQA Bengali Reading Unit 2 50 min 2:00pm
Thursday 8th June 46354 AQA Bengali Writing Unit 4 1 h 2:50pm
Friday 9th June 5BI2H Edexcel Science Biology Unit 2 1h 9:00am
Monday 12th June 1EN0/02 Edexcel English Language Unit 2 2h 9:00am
Tuesday 13th June 1MA1/3HEdexcel Mathematics (9-1) 1h 30min9:00am
Wednesday 14th June 5CH2HEdexcel Science Chemistry Unit 2 1h9:00am
Wednesday 14th June KHI0 02Edexcel History 2 1h 30min2:00pm
Friday 16th June 5PH2HEdexcel Science Physics Unit 2 1h9:00am
Monday 19th June 5BI3HEdexcel Science Biology Unit 3 1h9:00am
Monday 19th June 5AR01Edexcel Arabic Listening Unit 1 45min2:00pm
Monday 19th June 5AR03Edexcel Arabic Reading Unit 3 55min2:45pm
Wednesday 21st June 5CH3HEdexcel Chemistry Unit 3 1h9:00am
Thursday 22nd June 5ST1HEdexcel Statistics Unit 1 2h9:00am
Thursday 22nd June 5AR04Edexcel Arabic Writing Unit 4 1h2:00pm
Friday 23rd June 5PH3HEdexcel Physics Unit 3 1h9:00am
Please note all Controlled assessment tasks to be submitted to relevant teachers by internal Jamiatul Ummah schedule.