Admission Fees

The School Admission fee of £150 (including entry test fee of £30) is a one-off payment to cover the administrative cost for the admission test, interview and other administrative procedures.

The admission fee and the 1st term tuition fee must be paid upon offer of a place; otherwise no place can be reserved or confirmed.

The admission fee and 1st term tuition fee are non-refundable.


Tuition Fees

The School Tuition Fees for 2023-24 intake are £4,600 for Y7-Y10, and £4,300 for Y10 to Y11 per academic year (Hifz/Alimiyah fees are an additional £300 for Y11 only).

This does not include examination fees, cost of uniforms, textbooks, school meals or school trip fees.


Payment Options and Dates

Parents have 3 options for the payment of fees. Please view these using the appropriate link below:


1. Please click here to view Jamiatul Ummah Y7-Y10 Fee policy/Agreement for Academic Year 2023-2024

2. Please click here to view Jamiatul Ummah Y11 Fee policy/Agreement Academic Year 2023-2024


Tuition Fee Payment Methods


Jamiatul Ummah does NOT accept cash payments. The school will only accept the following methods of payment:


1. Standing Order: This is the preferred method of payment. Parents must set up a Standing Order Mandate and provide a copy of the Mandate to the School Office (the original must be given to the bank).
2. Bank Transfer: This payment method is only applicable for Option 1.

*For Standing Orders/Bank Transfers, please use your child’s name and year group as the payment reference e.g. Abdul Hakim Y7


School Account Details


Bank: Barclays

Account Name: Dawatul Islam UK & Eire

Account Number: 00239097

Sort Code: 20-57-06