Y11 2020 Exams and Results Day Information

Year 11 results day will need to run a little differently this year due to Covid 19 guidelines and our need to keep everyone safe.

This year, all results will be emailed to students. Parents, therefore, must ensure the school has an up-to-date email address for their child alongside a parent/guardian email address.


The school has no control on the official grades released in August. They are assigned by the Awarding Bodies under guidance from Ofqual.  As in every previous year there will be jubilation and disappointment; the school is here for students at both ends of the spectrum.

Please remember that there is no opportunity to alter a grade through an appeal this year. They can only be changed through sitting an examination in individual subjects in November 2020.  This will be arranged by the receiving college/sixth-form which students will be attending. Dates of entry deadlines are detailed below under the Sitting Exams heading.



GCSE results will be released from 9.30am – 11:30pm on Thursday 20th August 2020 via email.



Ofqual, the organisation that oversees GCSE qualifications will not allow appeals this year. Students cannot challenge their grade.

Ofqual will allow the following:

·       A student to ask their centre to conduct a clerical check to see if the centre made an error when submitting a Centre Assessed Grade.

·       A student to raise a complaint to their centre if they have evidence of bias or that they were discriminated against.

·       centre to appeal to an exam board on the grounds that the exam board used the wrong data when calculating grades, and/or incorrectly communicated the grades calculated.


There will be an opportunity for students who are not satisfied with their grades to enter exams in the Autumn Term. The dates for subjects are yet to be confirmed but they will be between Monday 2nd and Monday 23rd November for GCSE students.

Entry to these exams will only be available to students in subjects for which they were entered in the Summer season and there is a very strict deadline – Friday 18th September (4th October for English & Matts) - by which entries must be made. Any student who misses the deadline will lose the opportunity to sit the exam in the Autumn.

Details of the process for entering resits, including deadlines and fees will be made available at the college/ Sixth Form pupils have chosen to go.





Students who wish to see information on their CAGs submitted to exam boards, must make a formal written request to the school under GDPR rules.


Link to letter to Y11 students and parents/guardians.

Understanding how grades will be awarded for GCSEs in Summer 2020