Pupil Development Programme

At Jamiatul Ummah School, we endeavour to go beyond providing only an academic education. We aspire our pupils to become leaders in the community. We develop our pupils further through an extended Development Programme consisting of:


Building Resilience

The school works closely with UpRising, a Youth Development Programme founded by former pupil, Harun Asif (contributor to the Guardian Newspaper and Google Intern) to provide mental resilience and development training to Y10 pupils. Sessions are organised throughout the academic year.


Reading Drive

'Read! Read in the name of your Lord!' - These were the first few words revealed to mankind in the holy Quran. At Jamiatul Ummah School, we believe reading is an essential element to progress and development. Reading widely and frequently supports positive growth in all areas of learning and personal growth. Using guidance from DfE and the Education Endownment Foundation, the school is developing initiatives to promote high levels of literacy through reading. Currently, the following initiatives are being trialled:

Full full details of the reading drive, please see our Reading and Literacy page.


Ramadan Leaders

Selected pupils who have either memorised the entire Quran or nearly done so, are trained to lead Taraweeh Prayers at Darul Ummah Masjid. The aim is to develop pupils' confidence in public leadership skills. People from all over London and beyond visit Darul Ummah Masjid to listen to their mesmerising Quran recitation.


Orphan and Animal Sponsorship

Our pupils are taught to love and care for the world given to them by God - "We have made you a caretaker of the earth" (Quran). As part of the school's aim to develop and nurture a sense of responsibility, pupils in Year 7 and Year 8 sponsor an animal through WWF. In addition, pupils in Year 9 sponsor an orphan through Muslim Aid/Islamic Relief.


Citizens UK and TELCO Partnership

Jamiatul Ummah School is proud to be a partner of Citizens UK and TELCO. Through this partnership, selected pupils and the Student Council participate in various community actions and activities.


Sporting Competitions

At Jamiatul Ummah School, our pupils participate in various sporting activities with other Secondary Schools in Tower Hamlets. These include:


Overseas Trips

To complement our History curriculum, all our pupils are given an opportunity to visit France and Belgium as part of a WWI and WWII Guided Tour (NST). In addition, as part of Islamic Studies and History, the school organises 'Umrah trips which include a visit to another country in addition to Saudi Arabia. (note: 'Umrah has been postponed until further notice due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic).


Charity Work

Charity is a fundamental part of our faith as Muslims. At Jamiatul Ummah School, our pupils particpate in a range of charitable activities including raising money through non-uniform days at the end of every half-term. For full list of charities supported, please visit our Charity page.