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Please kindly donate towards bursaries to support families, single-parents and orphans in hardship and give as many boys the opportunity to excel in academic studies, learn about Islam and memorise the Quran.


Providing financial support to cover tuition fees at Jamiatul Ummah occupies a very special place in the hearts of our trustees. From the time of its inception, the school has always raised funds to allow pupils with talent from all backgrounds, regardless of their financial circumstances, to attend and have equal opportunity to excel in their academic studies, learn about their faith and also be supported in memorising the Holy Quran by heart.

There is no doubt that supporting pupils with families in financial hardship has an immense impact. It allows talented pupils who endeavour to learn about their faith, to excel in academic studies, with a talent in memorising the Quran and desiring to realise ambitions of becoming a Hafiz being provided that wonderful opportunity. It means they are empowered with excellent academic achievement to go onto higher study and spread the peaceful message of Islam, not only through words, but practice.

The profound effect of supporting pupils with families in hardship is not limited to this only. Bringing talented pupils together from different backgrounds is important for all. It reinforces the aspirational and inclusive ethos embodied in our faith. It underlines the importance of community responsibility, service in the cause of spreading the peaceful message of Islam and assisting those in need.

We want to do as much as we can to give as many of our pupils as possible the opportunity to make the most of their talents, be high achievers and give back to society. In order to achieve this, we call upon you to support us for this noble cause.


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Bank: HSBC

Account Name: Jamiatul Ummah

Sort Code: 40-02-33

Account No: 41379984

HSBC Bank Address: HSBC, 75 Whitechapel Rd, London E1 1DU


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Jamiatul Ummah

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