Jamiatul Ummah School opened in 1997 built on trust, solidarity and moral, along with religious instruction. Our main objective is to provide parents with a school environment where their children will engage in full-time educational activities to reach their academic potential.

We believe that parent participation and a sense of community is very important - our school's name means "Communities United". For this reason, we place emphasis on the inclusion of parents in the students' education. We acknowledge that parents desire to see their son do well academically while instilling a grounding of Islamic values. In order to cultivate these values, we offer prayer as well as work to foster a sense of compassion and teamwork. Our students take part in charity work and learn both modern and classical Arabic. Alongside these traditional values, we maintain a dynamic approach by offering modern technology and community integration with spiritual acceleration within Islam.

As a final core strength of our school, we take child safety and protection very seriously, both on and off our premises. We teach and stand for educational progress and for human development overall. Jamiatul Ummah was started to help protect our youth from crime, gang violence and underachievement so prevalent in schools at the time. Instead, we aim to produce individuals who are progressive, confident and who are equipped to achieve great results academically while remaining strong in their faith.