Heritage and Vision

Jamiatul Ummah is a multicultural academic institution - a boys' secondary school which provides a high quality programme of education, catering for the needs of the Muslim community. While Islam is central to our ethos, our understanding is that Islam as a religion leads us to respect and participate in modern life in general, and, in our case, life in the United Kingdom.

If our children are to succeed in life, therefore, they need also to be able to succeed in UK society, and to do that their education needs not only to train them in Islamic values, but also how to get on in "normal" life while practising those values. As a school, we provide the type of education which lead to qualifications recognised both by Islamic society as well as colleges and employers. Our students excel in both Islamic and National Curriculum subjects.

As an Islamic institution, we are committed to developing our pupils to their full potential, academically and morally. Our concentration on moral development is fully in line with Government policy, concentrating as it does on responsibility and empathy.

Our students leave Jamiatul Ummah as individuals who are able to contribute to society whilst holding on firm to their faith and being exemplars of the message of Islam for others. Most go on to participate in mainstream further education, leading them onto courses in British Universities.