Jamiatul Ummah is a highly successful independent Muslim secondary school for boys which excels in combining National Curriculum and Islamic learning. We equip pupils with knowledge and skills to become not only good Muslims, but also good citizens of modern, multi-cultural Britain. Our school’s mission is to ‘Behave Well; Achieve Well and Become Great”. With that goal in mind, we nurture, educate and inspire our pupils to become practicing Muslims while gaining the right qualifications to succeed in any academic environment.

Thanks to a stimulating and effective learning environment, modern teaching methods and technology, pupils have achieved a 100% GCSE pass rates in subjects including English and Mathematics. We inculcate traditional values of hard work, discipline and respect while ensuring our pupils are prepared to participate fully in modern society with the right qualifications, skills and attitudes. We are proud of our track record. We are Tower Hamlet’s top performing school and our ranking with the Daily Telegraph was 42nd best school in England and Wales (Daily Telegraph Best School List, 2016).


Why send your child to Jamiatul Ummah School?

  • We are the top performing secondary school in Tower Hamlets. Our GCSE and progress 8 results put us in the top 35 schools in England (based on 2019 Progress 8 Scores)*

  • We provide a broad and rich National Curriculum underpinned by a strong Islamic Ethos

  • We provide a solid foundation in Islamic Studies through our Alimiyah Programme

  • We provide an outstanding opportunity for your child to memorise the Holy Quran (Hifz)

  • We develop our students to be more than just students: to become well-rounded, faith-minded and positive contributors to society

*Progress 8 is a measure of how well pupils have progressed. The higher the score, the more progress pupils have made from KS3 starting points.

Jamiatul Ummah Boys’ Secondary School is a project of Da’watul Islam UK & Eire Limited, a Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee. Charity Reg. No: 1186155, Company Reg. No:  02513409 in England & Wales. Registered Office: Darul Ummah, 56 Bigland Street, London E1 2ND