Jamiatul Ummah School underwent a full three-day Ofsted Inspection commencing on 9 January 2018.

We are very pleased to announce that the Overall  Effectiveness of the school was judged to be Good.


Other areas of judgement are as follows: 


Effectiveness of Leadership and Management:


Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment:


Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare:


Outcomes for Pupils: 


The full report can be read here. Key findings of the report include:


"Leaders, governors and staff work together effectively to create a strong community that values learning and achievement."

"All staff contribute to ensuring that pupils’ welfare, health and safety are at the heart of the school’s work. As a result, the care pupils receive is excellent."

"Two particular aspects make the school’s culture unique. The first is the secure environment in which pupils are able to express themselves and discuss sensitive issues. Second, leaders have maintained the school’s outward-looking approach. They welcome ideas from others while still maintaining the school’s unique identity. This ensures that pupils leave the school as well-rounded young people."

"The system to track pupils’ progress provides leaders and teachers with reliable information on which to base their planning."
"Leaders evaluate the school’s strengths and weaknesses accurately."

"A very well-written article by a pupil in the school’s termly newsletter illustrates, extremely effectively, the positive impact of the school’s work to promote fundamental British values."

"The curriculum meets pupils’ needs and prepares them thoroughly for the next stage of their education."

Teachers’ knowledge of their subjects is strong and they use it thoughtfully to ensure that work motivates pupils to reach high levels of achievement."

"Positive attitudes have a considerable impact on their learning and enable them to achieve well."

"The behaviour of pupils is outstanding."

"Pupils’ conduct in classrooms and around the school is excellent."

"Attendance is above that for other schools in England and continues to improve each year."

"The school’s positive culture ensures that pupils enjoy school a great deal and want to learn. As a result, pupils are keen to come to school every day."

"Pupils’ outcomes are strong."

"…achievements are strong in all their subjects, including English, mathematics and science."

"Pupils are well-prepared for the next stage of their education."