The staff at Jamiatul Ummah are dedicated and well trained. Our teachers strive to create an environment that allows students to ask questions, develop social skills and build confidence levels. They are also encouraged to embrace strong moral and spiritual values.

Jamiatul Ummah School partners with many other bodies to enhance our teaching, training and to provide our learners with options and career support long before they leave school.

Our partners teach on:

  • Understanding diversity
  • Rejecting stereotypes
  • Learning and understand other beliefs
  • Respect other people's beliefs
  • Expanding global knowledge by learning about initiatives, conferences and events to ensure a holistic understanding and exposure to as broad a range of experience as possible
  • Efficiency
  • Training opportunities
  • Contributing to social cohesion
  • Career guidance for children


Mr Nojarul Islam

Senior Leadership

Dr Ali Mahdi - Head of Science/ DSL
Mr Koyserul Ambia – Head of English

Mr Farook Hossain – Head of RE/Quranic Studies

Teaching Staff

Mr Mizanur Rahman – Head of Computing

Mr Fiaz Patel – Science/Maths

Mr Hadiuz Zaman – Maths

Mr Zaber Kabir - Humanities

Mr Nazmul Islam – Arabic

Mr Muminul Islam Faruqi - Quranic Studies

Mr Abdul Wahid – PE

Mr M Noshir Uddin Ahmed – Hifz Co-Ordinator

Mr Bodrul Alam – Hifz 

Mr Erak Miah - RE

Mr Burhan Uddin - Hifz

Mr Jabari Ali- Hifz

Mr Shofiul Islam - Hifz

Support Staff:

Mr Md Abdul Alim – Head of Admin/Finance
Mr Shah Mashkur – School Reception/ Attendance Officer
Mr Mohammed Ibrahim Khan – Lab Technician & Admissions Officer
Mr Mokbul Hussain - Premises Manager/ Fire Officer
Mr Ahmed Al Muhit Chowdhury – Premises Assistant