Jamiatul Ummah School Online Lessons Schedule and Timings


Since Monday 23rd March 2020, following advice from the Government, Jamiatul Ummah School has been closed. However, teaching and Learning has moved to an online structure using Skoolwork and Zoom. Letters were issued on Thursday 20th March 2020 and Friday 21st March 2020.

Teaching Method

All Jamiatul Ummah teachers are using a combination of Skoolwork and Zoom to continue their classes online.

Teachers will be uploading resources, activities and homework on Skoolwork. Thereafter, teachers will be making themselves available on Zoom at their schedule lesson times. Zoom meeting ids are being communicated to pupils via Skoolwork.

Learning and Collection of Pupil Work

In most cases, teachers will be requesting pupils to work on Skoolwork which allows teachers to view, grade and comment on work completed. In addition, teachers may be requesting pupils to work in their exercise books which will be collected once the school reopens.

Attendance and Punctuality

Teachers will be conducting lesson registers to determine pupil attendance and punctuality. Parents will be informed if pupils fail to complete work on Skoolwork or if they fail to attend Zoom lessons.

Communication with Teachers

All pupils can safely communicate with their teachers on Skoolwork. In addition, we have made available to parents the email addresses of all teachers. These were added on letters issued on 20th March and 21st March 2020.

For your benefit, these email addresses are also available here.


Jamiatul Ummah takes the safety and wellbeing of pupils and staff very seriously. The school’s Safeguarding policy continues to apply.

Pupils and staff using Skoolwork can report inappropriate behaviour to Senior Staff and Safeguarding Officer using the report violation features.

Pupils and Staff using Zoom can report inappropriate behaviour to Senior Staff and Safeguarding Officer using Skoolwork’s messaging feature, via email and Zooms reporting systems to Zoom.

In addition, parents are advised to monitor pupils’ use of Skoolwork and Zoom and report any inappropriate behaviour/activity to Senior Staff and the Safeguarding Officer.

Jamiatul Ummah Designated Safeguarding Officer: Dr Ali Mahdi (a.mahdi(at)jamiatulummah.org.uk)

Sanctions and Misuse of Online Learning Platforms

We expect all pupils to behave appropriately and use Skoolwork and Zoom or any other learning platform responsibly and safely. Misuse and inappropriate behaviour will be recorded and sanctions may be placed.

Parental Engagement and Responsibility

We expect all parents to support their child’s learning online and ensure that pupils are engaged and complete work on time. We expect parents to monitor computer use and ensure that pupils are not playing games and visiting irrelevant sites when they should be engaged in learning with teachers.

Lesson Schedule and Timings During Ramadan

From Friday 24th April 2020, Jamiatul Ummah’s Ramadan Timetable has come into effect. Please find your child’s timetable below:

Year 7 Ramadan Timetable

Year 8a Ramadan Timetable

Year 8b Ramadan Timetable

Year 9 Ramadan Timetable

Year 10 Ramadan Timetable

Year 11 Ramadan Timetable