Careers Education and Guidance in Jamiatul Ummah is an essential part of every pupil’s curriculum entitlement.  It helps pupils to develop knowledge, skills, attitudes and abilities to enable them to make well informed educational and vocational choices.  Careers education promotes equal opportunities and help pupils to overcome both overt and subtle barriers, which may be encountered as they progress through school and into adult working life.

At Jamiatul Ummah we provide the following careers guidance and opportunities:

At KS3

  • Careers based PSHEE Lessons
  • Careers based Citizenship lessons
  • CV writing opportunities (English, Citizenship)
  • Letter of Application (English)
  • Year 9 Student Administrator Programme

At KS4

  • Careers based PSHEE and Citizenship based lesson
  • CV and Letter of Application writing opportunities (English)
  • Individual careers interviews MyBigCareer
  • Work experience in Year 10
  • Workshops with Barclays Life Skills
  • College Open Days
  • Trips to Careers Exhibition (SkillsLondon at Excel)